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Done For You Documents

A properly running company has proper documention. But who has time to create it all? QCHR does! Here are just a few of the documents we can create for you.

Employee Handbook

It may never have occurred to you, but you actually need an employee handbook. A proper handbook gives the employees an idea of your company mission, outlines expectations for both the employee and the employer, provides clear information about policies and procedures, and is invaluable should you ever face an employment related lawsuit.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry! QCHR professionals can create an employee handbook that includes basic rules and regulations under California law, all the policies and procedures unique to your company, and we’ll even work with you to give it that something special that sets you apart from the rest.

For example, for one of our Orange County clients, a restaurant and “crooner’s lounge” with a Elvis Presley theme, we incorporated fun and interesting quotes throughout the handbook from The King of Rock and Roll himself. Little touches like this can help your employees really connect with the spirit and culture of your organization.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Like an employee handbook, policy and procedure manuals are extremely valuable in educating your employees about how things are done and help eliminate confusion and missteps that can hurt your workers, your product or service, or your customers.

Specific manuals can go into greater detail about how things are done in your company, individual steps to take, best practices, and so on. Even if things are running smoothly with a team who seem to read one anothers’ minds, documentation is a critical piece of a well-running machine.

In fact, while things are running smoothly may be the best time to get information out of employees heads on onto paper. “This is way things have always been done because it works” is exactly what you want to codify for new employees, cross-training opportunities, and performance reviews.

Invite QCHR to conduct an HR department audit, and we may help you identify some areas of your businesses where it would be useful to get information out of your head and into a manual.

Job Descriptions

A complete job description gives you and your employees a clear and distinct impression of what to expect. A well-crafted job description helps in creating employment ads that attract highly qualified candidates when you’re in the hiring process, and it provides current employees clarity about what is expected of them.

QCHR professionals can help you craft job descriptions for brand new positions you want to fill, as well as for positions that are already staffed. When we write your job description, we include “extras” that will protect your company from negligent hiring practices.

A thorough job description is a useful tool in conducting performance reviews, holding disciplinary conversations, and discussing opportunities for advancement and promotion.

We recommend you have one for every person at your company–even the boss!

Illness and Injury Prevention Program

California law requires all employers to have an operative Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

Failure to have a written IIPP when applicable can result in fines up to $7,000.

There are benefits to having a well-documented IIPP, like enhancing communication for workplace safety and health. Like other professional documents, your IIPP is a solid launch point for having discussions that might otherwise be difficult to bring up or that might involve frustrating or even harmful miscommunication. We’ll include both standard safety checklists and custom checklists for your company and industry.

QCHR will not only create your IIPP documentation, but we’ll also provide the monthly or quarterly safety training needed to keep your IIPP in compliance.