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Payroll Solutions

QCHR provides payroll solutions for every type of business…more flexible, more affordable, and with more of that personal touch than you can ever get from the big guys. Our payroll specialists pride themselves on timely, accurate service, so we’ll make sure you look like a champ without lifting a finger–or a calculator.

Check out our three solution types: Full Service, Concierge Service, and Self Service.

Full Service Payroll Solution

With QCHR’s Full Service Payroll Solution, we’ll handle everything:

  • Set up and manage EDD accounts and handle all EDD paperwork
  • Provide appropriate hiring docs and enter them in the system
  • Collect weekly timesheets
  • Track time off, PTO, benefit costs, deductions, etc.
  • Pay your people on time and properly (yes, even if you’re away on vacation)


  • Fix payroll that mistakes that YOU make
  • Cut final checks to terminated employees between paydays and make sure you have the right termination documents in hand
  • Enter workers comp and 401K payments (per-cycle or as-you-go)
  • Handle any payroll liens or garnishments for you
  • Conduct annual or semi-annual WC audit reports when required (this is a HUGE 2-hour time saver)
  • Give your staff our free time tracking app or cool Excel/paper timesheet
  • Provide your staff an access portal to view all their paystubs
  • Email your employees reminders when they get paid

That’s what you call full service! With QCHR, you get more bang for your payroll buck. We’ll save you time, money, and headaches…and we treat you the way you want to be treated. Big business compliance with that small business personal touch!

Concierge Payroll Service

If you already handle your own payroll and things are going pretty well, QCHR concierge service will make sure things run smoothly and checks are cut on time, even when there are hiccups. It’s like having your very own payroll manager working directly with your supervisors or staff to adjust missed punches, track time off, and get your team paid like clockwork. All you need to do is make sure the money is in the bank. Keep your existing payroll company if you use one, or use your own inhouse software or platform, or use our robust yet inexpensive payroll software. QCHR concierge payroll service is the solution to the expected and unexpected payroll challenges that inevitably arise. Rates are based on payroll frequency and number of employees. Contact us for a quote.

Self Serve Payroll Software

For small employers of 1 to 50 employees who want to maintain hands-on control of their own payroll, we provide a robust and easy-to-use payroll software solution…at a price that will make you smile.

Stop doing payroll yourself! Unless you run a payroll company, it’s not your area of expertise, so why are you still doing it? It’s time-consuming, the employment and tax laws are complex and change all the time. Chasing down employees for timesheets or missing punches is a drag. And if you’ve ever made a mistake entering payroll, you know that’s a big WHOOPS…there goes your whole afternoon!

If you’re using a payroll company like ADP, Intuit, or Quickbooks add-on payroll service, when was the last time you really looked at what you pay for your service vs. what you get? Call us to find out how QCHR can save you time, money, and headaches with big business compliance and that small business personal touch.

Contact us for a quote today.