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No one wants to go to court. Lawsuits are emotionally draining, not to mention expensive and time-consuming, so no matter which side you’re on, even if you win, you lose!

AT QCHR, we believe the best lawsuit is the one the never happens. That’s why we work to hard to keep all your practices in compliance with the law. We also want your staff members at every level to take advantage of the training and development opportunities we offer, so there will be fewer conflicts and misunderstandings in general.

But despite all your efforts, a dispute between employees or between an employee and your company may occur. When that happens, are you destined to a costly trial and never-ending attorney fees?

No way! Mediation services from QCHR may be the absolute best way to handle the situation. Mediation keeps everyone out of the courtroom as is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution. What makes mediation such a great approach to resolving conflict is that the two parties come to their own agreed-upon resolution rather than being forced to accept a decision made for them. The mediator encourages dialogue and exploration of solutions while facilitating a discussion where both parties have the freedom to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon resolution.

QCHR’s founder, Tami Wiersma, holds a certification from California State University, Dominguez Hills, as a professional mediator. Not only can you rely on the professionals at QCHR to help keep you out of a dispute, but if something does get out of hand, you can call on Tami to bring her mediation skills to the table, saving you money and headaches!