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Employee Development Solutions

Human capital is the most important asset to your business. Each member of your team is unique, with some strengths and weaknesses that are obvious, and some that are not so obvious. 

QCHR professionals are here to help you uncover the best in every one of your employees and build on their strongest qualities. Mentoring and coaching are essential, and they work even better when used in conjunction with our state-of-the-art assessment tools.

You and your team will gain unprecedented and unexpected insight into important dimensions of people, five areas we call SCIENCES: 

  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Acumen
  • Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence

You’ve probably never thought about people in these terms, but we’re here to tell you, once you can observe your employees (and yourself) through the five sciences lens, what you learn together will be a game changer! 

QCHR is able to offer these cutting edge assessments through our partnership with TTI Success Insights. Learn more about them here.

Our Most Popular Assessment: DISC

You may have heard DISC referred to as a “personality test,” but it’s so much more than that.

DISC has been adopted by organizations around the world to improve teamwork and give people understanding of different communication styles they’ll encounter with team members and clients.

Our partner, TTI Success Insights, is the only provider of DISC assessments that generates 384 unique reports, customized for leadership, sales teams and individuals.

Backed by 30 years of research, we use DISC to help reveal hidden talents and skills that create high-performing teams.

Learn More About DISC

A Tool for Reaching Every Goal

We’ve got 10 different technology-based solutions for getting to the heart of what you want to know about your people. Here are three of our clients’ favorite assessments, with a sneak peak at how some of the results are presented (the reports are a terrific springboard for discussion).

When your goal is to

Select and develop high potential employees for executive coaching

we use:

TriMetrix® EQ

This assessment examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the driving forces that drive them, and an gives them an understanding of their own emotional intelligence. It blends three sciences together in an integrated section that illustrates the impact emotional intelligence has on core behavioral styles, as well as the top driving forces.

bar graph and pie chart samples from Trimetrix EQ assessment

When your goal is to

Identify high potential team members and leaders

we use:

TriMetrix® DNA

This assessment describes how people behave, why they behave that way, and what the process is behind their decision-making. It also reveals soft skills they’ve mastered. Examine the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators/driving forces that drive them, and the ability to demonstrate the competencies required by the job.

bar graph samples from Trimetrix DNA assessment

When your goal is to

Improve employee engagement and determine job and culture fit

we use:

12 Driving Forces™ – Motivator

This assessment unlocks the “why” behind an individual’s actions, showcasing what drives their behavior.

Rooted in Eduard Spranger’s esteemed 1928 research, 12 Driving Forces reveals how each individual is uniquely motivated in both life and work.

bar graph sample from 12 driving forces motivator assessment

Contact QCHR today to discuss your the goals for your organization and team.

We’ll show you how our innovative and trusted assessments can supercharge your mentoring and coaching.